Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Subtropical Storm Melissa: November 19, Update A

We'll start with the most important bit first shall we? Only 4 more days until the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who! Yay for the Abundance of Science Fiction Geekiness! ;-) 

Even as I write, STS Melissa is weakening from not being a Subtropical Storm to really not being a Subtropical Storm. She is officially 'centered' at 33.6N, 52.4W heading NE at 17mph. Winds are 50mph, central pressure is estimated to be 988mb (suspiciously low for a subtropical storm with such weak winds!). There isn't really much convection anywhere near the center as you can see in the infrared satellite image:

The forecast track has shifted a bit to the east:

I think she's trying to get to Ireland and the British Isles just in time to celebrate the 50th Dr. Who anniversary weekend. Who wouldn't want to do that? As nothing much is going on, this will be my last update on Melissa. I have more important things to do like, er, eating ice cream and finishing my Dr. Who bumper edition colouring book... ;-)      

I'll be back for the season wrap-up (unless there's another 'non-storm' before then)... but in the meantime Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! 


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