Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tropical Storm Cindy: June 21, Update A

Not much time for dilly-dallying for the rest of this week... so luckily, Tropical Storm Bret went away yesterday. Clearly all that standing on the seawall and blowing and waving my arms around in my Caribbean location worked. I hope the locals thought I was doing Tai Chi or Yoga or something.... ;-)

That leaves us with the lovely Tropical Storm Cindy, who is in the Gulf. She's currently at 27.3N, 91.9W, heading NW at a stately 8 mph. Winds are 60mph, and central pressure is 997mb. She's did move a little more to the west, and is currently on track to make landfall between the Louisiana/Texas border overnight (Thursday night): 

An interesting feature the NHC have added (probably one of the two which meets my very high standards!) is that windfield to the track... so you can see the extent of the storm on the same map as the horrible track map. By the way, if you are looking for this map, on the NHC website, go to the storm of interest, and click on Warnings/Cone Static Images... or, in as they used to say in the public-friendly, normal English days... the track. You can click on tabs to remove the forecast track line, that orange blob they are calling the wind field etc. I find this one much faster and easier than the 'Interactive Map' link which takes an age to load (especially if your connection isn't great) and, although you can add a google map, if you move your mouse over the map, the entire things moves so you lose your track. 

From our intrepid on-the-ground reporter, Heather P., I heard yesterday that it was "Raining steadily since early this morning in Slidell". From the satellite imagery, it looks like that is diminishing...

Anyway, I think the track is good. The intensity... I don't have time for an in-depth analysis of the data, but a mid Tropical Storm seems is about right (TS range: 39-73mph).

Must run! Stay safe out there!!


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