Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ex-Caribbean Blobette: July 22 Update A

I wouldn't want to have had a sun-bathing beach vacation planned in the
Bahamas this past week! Not only did they get lashings of rain with a
good dollop of thunder from a front that moved eastward off the US a few
days ago, but they are just emerging from another round of the same sort
of weather from the blobette that was in the Caribbean yesterday. Talk
about the not-so-perfect storm.

Our little blobette has crossed PR, Dominican Republic (DR)/Haiti and is
now in the western Atlantic, with continued heavy thunderstorms. The
interaction with those islands and the winds aloft (i.e. at high
altitudes) reduced the circulation (although it still has a bit). But
the convection has now kinda-sorta merged** with the heavy convection
that was already over the Bahamas/western Atlantic from the front, and
it's now a big blobette with clouds (not necessarily rain though)
stretching from the DR to the Carolinas.

**kinda-sorta merged: highly technical and complicated terminology that
translates loosely to "kind of, sort of merged". ;)

I think this will be my last post on this system unless it looks like
developing. I do like these half-hearted little systems... they remove
some of the heat without creating quite the havoc.

Ciao for now,

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