Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Special Update: July 23

And Now For Something Completely Different! (Monty Python)

For about 5 years I've been rambling on (and on and on) about tropical
storms and closely related items such as climate, pressure fields, sea
surface temperature, rarely-used words, glasses of wine, snakes in my
car, Hugh Hefner's critically acclaimed articles, Keanu Reeves etc.
(umm... the last four items are not necessarily directly connected to
each other ;)).

Well, there may be a disruption in my endless (and obviously fabulous
and witty!?!) musings... I am moving to the UK. I need advanced
cup-of-tea-drinking and wellie-boot-polishing classes, and will probably
take up morris dancing and corn-dolly weaving when I'm not re-re-reading
Jane Austen or watching Dr. Who. I will try and keep going with tropical
storm updates from 'that side of the pond' but if things do not work out
or I start spelling 'color' with an extra 'u', that's the reason why.
There shouldn't be any problems but one never knows with all this
new-fangled technology. I'll keep you informed if there are any changes
in how you receive the updates and I'll still be posting to the blog

About 10 folks have been with me from the humble beginnings of this
endeavour (note extra 'u'... I'm practicing) and are (a) are still
talking to me, and (b) still have their sanity. Well done you! Bravo!!
Your resiliency will be rewarded...need any valuable items
that I'm not shipping? You can sell them on ebay when I'm famous. ;)

If, for whatever reason, I can't write about tropical storms, someone
(GG) suggested I should write about the UK weather instead: "Rain.
Drizzle. More rain. A touch of fog." Hmm... maybe not. His other
proposed topics include NASCAR, politics, poodle hair-weaving (I'm very
tempted), and cigar-rolling. I intend to keep dabbling in this writing
lark, so all suggestions welcome. I have a couple of other interesting
ideas running amok in my head as well.

This is not farewell, nor adieu, and the sun has not gone to bed now...
it never rises in the UK so how can it go to bed anyway? :)

It'll just be something completely different for me, but hopefully not
for you!

Toodle pip for today,

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