Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tropical Storm Henri: September 10, Update A

I was on the Planet DragonCon last weekend and decided that Tropical Storm Grace would gracefully go away without being too much of a bother, and lo and behold, she did. Funny how that works. ;-) 

And yesterday, of course, one was too busy celebrating the long long reign of The Queen (what else would I be doing?) so I missed the start of Tropical Storm Henri, who I see may be planning on popping over to the UK to say congratulations in person ;-) 

He doesn't really look like much. His wind speed is 40mph, with a central pressure of around 1008mb. Although he has some circulation, strong wind shear has pushed the convection all to the north and east of the center, which is around 34.8N, 60.7W:

He's won't be causing too much of a problem unless you are sailing across the Atlantic, in which case you may have a slightly bumpy ride! I probably won't say anymore on Henri unless he does something unexpected. 

The next one will be Ida, so until then mes amis,

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