Friday, November 11, 2011

Extratropical Storm Sean: 11/11/11 Update A

Happy Elevenses Day (11/11/11), Veterans Day (US) and Remembrance Day (Commonwealth Countries)! Hands up if you did something to mark the 11/11/11 11:11:11 second?  (Me too ;-))

This will be my apopemptic entry on Sean (oooh aaah… big word alert – I learned it today so I had to share J). He is officially at 36.7N, 57.7W, heading ENE at a whopping 35mph. This fast forward speed is because he is now fully part of that low pressure front I mentioned yesterday and doesn’t have the circulation of a tropical storm; the vorticity (circulation) is no longer confined to a nice circular area in the lower troposphere. Winds are 40mph (so officially barely Tropical Storm level) and central pressure is estimated to be 1000mb. Not much more to say really.

For those of you taking advantage of a three day weekend to fix things around the house, here's something that I hope will help:

Enjoy! ;-)


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