Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: August 28, Update B

Isaac officially made landfall on the Mississippi Delta, probably just as I hit send on my last post around 8pm EST. I celebrated with some cheese and a glass of wine. In the hierarchy of munchies, cheese reigns supreme.

His center is at 29N, 89.7W, and he’s heading NW at 8mph. Winds are still 80mph, central pressure is 968mb. This fall in pressure since the last update is because it is from aircraft observations and not an estimate. He’s still right at the coastline so he is still over warm water, but I think his convection is finally starting to decrease from interacting with land, although his circulation is still good throughout the troposphere. It looks like he’ll make a ‘second landfall’ near Grand Isle. He will slowly weaken for now because the coast of Louisiana has marshes and bayous and other such watery swampy things… essentially water with a few twigs stuck in there, right? ;-)

I grabbed the water level graph from Shell Beach in Louisiana because it is impressive to see the water level over 10 ft above normal:

This location and Waveland (Mississippi), where the water reached 7 ft above normal, show where the area of greatest surge for this storm. This is because of the angle of the coastline and the angle of the winds as the storm got closer.

That’s all for today folks!


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