Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tropical Wave Chantal: July 10, Update A

Well if only all the storms this year were that easy! It looks like the wind shear and dry air stopped Chantal in her tracks today and the NHC issued their last advisory on her at 5pm EST. The infrared satellite image still shows a large area of convection primarily over Hispaniola:

She’ll still generate some drops of rain as she winds down. If she had a center I’d place it somewhere between the Dominican Republic and Cuba. However she doesn’t have a closed circulation and therefore by definition she is merely a Tropical Wave, not even a Depression (which requires a closed circulation and winds of 17-38mph). I’ll still keep an eye on her because although the circulation is not as cohesive there still is some, the wind shear is dying down again, and the water is still warm. Of course, counteracting this is the dry air and her interaction with bits of land here and there so I’m only keeping one eye on her while I do other things. ;-)

For now this is my last entry on Chantal. I celebrated earlier with a nice glass of the old vino. Speaking of science (sort of) and wine, it turns out that I’m a wine connoisseur: "Wine-tasting: it's a junk science" . Phew. Good to know that all these years of dedicated wine-drinking practice have not gone to waste!J

I’ll be back when Dorian shows his never-changing face.

Night night!

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