Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tropical Wave Dorian: July 27, Update A

It looks like Dorian has succumbed to the dry air and increasing wind shear and is now just waving at us from the Tropics. He is around 18.9N, 54.7W and was last spotted heading west at 24mph. A Tropical Wave doesn’t even have closed circulation… so he’s back to being a Blob. Although that’s the official verdict (the Tropical Wave bit, not the ‘Blob’ bit… that’s my version of the official verdict ;-)), I still see some circulation in the very lowest levels of the troposphere but it is diminishing so I’m ok with writing him off. He may still bring a few drops of rain to the northern Caribbean. The NHC issued their last advisory this afternoon and I will follow suit.

Meanwhile in the UK, here’s what caught my eye on the newspaper stands this morning…  

Really? Downton Abby will have a Royal twist? Really?!? (Oh, and the headline… it’s just a bit of summer rain really and has a long way to go to catch up to the tropical summer storms in Florida).

That’s all from me until Erin pops up.

Tally ho!

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Shandy said...

A free commemorative plate? AWESOME!

Shandy said...

A free commemorative plate? Gosh, Britain is cool.