Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TS Erika: September 1 Update B

Well I don't think anyone who is near the path of this storm is
particularly surprised by the NHC finally getting around to recognizing a
tropical storm. And if anyone is reading this from the NHC, I can tell you
that there are a lot of people who are not happy bunnies and were
wondering earlier today if you had fallen asleep on the job! TS Erika has
sustained winds of 50mph and a central pressure of 1007 mb. Quite a jump
from the 'high probability of a system forming' to a ready-made mid-sized
storm with tropical storm force winds extending 105 miles out from the
center don't you think?

She's moving WNW at 9mph and is at 17.2N, 57.3W. As with the storms that
preceeded her, she'll most likely barely skim the leeward islands and head
towards the east coast of the US. As I said earlier in the season er...at
least a whole two weeks ago...storms that form close together tend to
follow a similar track because the pressure fields don't change that

It doesn't look like she'll be too big. The NHC agree with my earlier
statements... The circulation center is slightly west of the convection,
she's experiencing some wind shear and heading into more Wind shear etc.
TS watches have been issued on the northern leeward islands.

More tommorrow! Be good. Be safe.

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