Friday, September 11, 2009

TS Fred: September 11 Update A

As expected, Fred has been detiorating all day and was just officially
downgraded to a TS with winds of 70mph, estimated central pressure 987mb.
I think that was his status a few hours ago, and he's weaker than that
now. Although sea surface temperatures are still 27-28 deg C (ideally we
need at least 26.5 deg C or warmer to sustain a storm), the wind shear
took it's toll. It's difficult to see his center from satellite images
(which is why I think he's weaker). Officially the center is at 18.1N,
34.6W, and he's wandering NE-ward at a whopping 2mph. Obviously that's
just an estimate by the NHC. I think they are guestimating his center and
speed, because I took their 11am location and speed and did a quick
quackulation (like a calculation, but you make duck noises as you do it
;)) and the 5pm numbers don't match. But it's just academic really, as he
won't be a storm for very long.

A lot of you got the answer to yesterdays question: Freddie Mercury. How
did we survive without google? ;) (although some of you know some of these
sans help which impresses me as I can't even recall jokes I've heard
multiple times).

Famous Fred quote of the day: "I have just returned from Boston; it is the
only sane thing to do if you find yourself up there." Hee hee hee. Which

Have a lovely Friday evening!

Disclaimer: see previous entry. One day I'll follow my own advice and then
re-write it here.

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