Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Blob: July 27, Update B

Quick update: The wind shear has diminished and circulation in the lower half of the troposphere is good now, so we have the structure of a tropical storm and I would upgrade this if I had my druthers. Convection continues to look strong too. The NHC have sent a plane in to check it out before they upgrade it, but they say ‘near 100% chance’ of this being a TS. I expect you will see TS Don in the next hour or two and I’m estimating the winds (from satellite wind data) to be in the 40-50mph range, with gusts in the 50-60mph, but the plane will return more accurate information. It is partly in the Caribbean and partly in the Gulf now, moving WNW at about 15mph. Once this clears the Mexico/Cuba landmasses it should be a “fun” system I think.

I find it interesting that they are so cautious about storms that clearly look like tropical systems, but will classify/name storms that are outside of flying range and don’t have the same features.

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