Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Atlantic Blob: October 5, Update A

Woo-hoo... we got us another one! ;-)
This blob has been hanging out in the Caribbean/Western Atlantic region and over the Leeward Islands for a few days now. I think it is soused from one too many rum-based drinks (hmm...banana daiquiris ...yum!) because it is spinning around (isn't that what happens after one too many drinks? ;-)). Although the circulation still covers a broad area, the vorticity is pretty good in the lowest half of the troposphere. I would call this a Tropical Depression already actually, although the NHC currently have it at 80% chance of development into a Tropical Storm. It has been experiencing some wind shear so the convection is definitely to the east of the center, which I estimate to be around 21.5N, 65.5W. It is moving in a NW direction.
The VIs, PR, etc can expect rain, followed by rain, with a dash of rain on the side over the next few days. Tomorrow I'll have a look at where this blob is going. Could be heading anywhere really. Probably Bermuda. ;-)
Although wind shear still continues, there's a chance they will upgrade this to a named system soon. The next one is Otto.
Ciao for now!
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