Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tropical Storm Fernand(o): August 25, Update B

Here’s my one small itsy bitsy window and I’m not going to let this go slipping through my fingers… how many ABBA song titles have I crammed into this one, and probably only, post on TS Fernand(o)? <big ABBA-Happy grin>

It will come as no surprise to you (if you read my last update), but does your mother know that TD6 got updated to TS Fernand(o) after the plane returned their findings? He is now at 19.2N, 95.8W, heading W at 9mph, with winds of 45mph, central pressure 1003mb. They say he will make landfall in about 11 hours, but maybe they are looking at another town, another train, because I think he may already be about to make his arrival in the state of Veracruz  when I look at this radar snapshot from Mexico. Really, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!

If it wasn’t for the nights I would be able to show you a visible satellite image, but in this case a near-by radar is even better. I have a dream (a phrase oft-heard this week) that one day the storm updates will actually match what is going on in real-time! Maybe the NHC have been sitting in the palmtree today but when all is said and done, that’s not the name of the game. I hope the people in that part of Mexico were told to watch out!  I could go on and on and on about how slowly this storm was upgraded, and until it’s pretty much on land to boot, but knowing me, knowing you, the way old friends do, I’d better say so long now and move on.

Hasta manana!

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Anonymous said...

You nailed it. NOAA is deathly afraid this season is a fizzle, and desperately needs some named storms.

This is silly. We need to find these guys a post-Gore life.