Sunday, June 01, 2008

[Jyo_hurricane] June 1: The "official" start of the 2008 Hurricane Season... and TD Arthur

Hello my friends,

And we're back! Welcome to the first "official" day of the Hurricane
Season of 2008. I've not had access to the internet since Thursday (May
29) afternoon... did I miss anything? ;)

O.k. so although I couldn't log in because I have an uncooperative
computer, I did follow what was going on with TS Alma-call-me-Arthur via
the tv "news coverage" (in Key West, where I went for work on Friday.
Really. I did. It was work. I know, it's a tough life...).

Arthur is now a Tropical Depression over Mexico, heading west-southwest
(and hopefully won't emerge into the Pacific again!) with weakening winds.

Watching the media, I suppose the scariest spin that they could have
possibly put on a (barely) tropical storm not heading to the US is that
"Mother Nature has started the Atlantic season early because TS Arthur
formed the day before June 1." (to paraphrase a number of different
stations). Thereby implying a season like no other.

No, not a WHOLE DAY!! Once again Mother Nature shows her disregard for our
artifically imposed boundaries. How dare she?

Really, it's not a big deal that a storm formed at the end of May. June 1
to November 30 are days that were picked because they are easy to remember
and encompass ~99% of all known storms. I don't think the % would change
if we said the official Hurricane Season went from May 31 to November 29
... or wait for it, how about May 29 to November 27... ooh... how daring
would that be? Ho hum.

Unless Arthur upgrades to Tropical Storm Arthur, or has another identity
crisis and turns into TS Boris (the next Pacific storm name) I won't be
sending another note out until the next Atlantic system.

I hope everyone had a good off-hurricane season.
Ciao for now,

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