Friday, October 01, 2021

Hurricane Sam: 30 September, Update A

I know what you are thinking... 

Well, ok then.

Hurricane Samwise is currently at 25N, 61.2W and heading NNW at 16mph. He's making that long-predicted turn towards the north now...
He's still on track to pass far to the east of Bermuda. They are already seeing a few clouds from Sam, but won't get much more than a little rain I think as he passes by (if that). May not even need your brollies! Mostly, I think it might be a good surfing day. 

Winds are still 145mph, central pressure is 938mb, which makes him a mid-to-strong cat 4 storm (cat 4 range: 130-156mph). His circulation is quite impressive throughout the troposphere and he has still got a very good looking eye...

Although the convection isn't as strong as we've seen in other storms and it is decreasing because he is moving away from the warmer water. He is also starting to head into an area of some wind shear, which you can see as the clouds on his northern side are streaming off to the north, so he will start to slowly weaken soon - sometime tomorrow.  

Want to see what a storm looks like from sea level? We've all seen footage of the places flying through a storm. But Maeve C. shared the new footage from Saildrone with me today - Saildrone is an autonomous/remote controlled sea-going vessel (essentially an ocean drone/robot) - and this year, for the first time, it was sent into a hurricane. Here's the press release - check out the video to see what it's like so close to the water. Pretty cool stuff! 
More tomorrow!

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