Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30: Last Day of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Phew! What a busy season this was... boy am I glad it's over! :-) Now I can relax for 6 months and paint my nails, eat bon-bons, drink wine, surf the internet for cute baby animal photos, do some science-y things, help run a multi-million $ international competition, save the world, become a movie Producer and make a science fiction film... you know, the usual off-season stuff ;-)

More about that last bit later. First, let the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Grand Reckoning begin! Officially we had a whopping 8 named storms this year, of which 6 were hurricanes and 2 were major.

I think the final tally should have been 7 named storms, 4 Hurricanes, with 1 major Hurricane. Tropical Storm Dolly was in existence for less than a day and remained extremely weak in early September. Hurricane Bertha was pretty wishy-washy and Hurricane Cristobel was a bit wibbly-wobbly. And although Hurricane Edouard snuck in as the first major hurricane of 2014 when I wasn't looking, he barely reached that strength for a couple of hours and then fell apart extremely rapidly.

Again, by an amazing coincidence, and for at least the second year in recent memory, the number of storms that were officially named matches the minimum number of storms that NOAA predicted would be named! Their forecast at the start of the season called for 8-13 named storms (leaving quite a lot of wiggle room there). Hmm. Don't you love coincidences? ;-)

My final hurricane comment this year: In this age of satellites and on-line information, everyone can see what is going on if they know what to look for. (It's so much fun! :-)) Now if the forecast was simply for a below-average year and there weren't any numbers of storms etc., perhaps one (and other ones that one knows) wouldn't question the motives behind some of these storm forecasts.

And that's it for this lovely, sleepy little season! :-)

As usual, I need to wrap with my annual award-breaking thank you speech. :-) I'd like to thank Doug M. at CMS/USF ( in Florida for help with the listserv and to Chris H. in Georgia and Ben A. for help with the website. I'd also like to thank the NHC for their hard work and for giving me something to rant about. Keep up the good work folks! ;-) 

I want to thank YOU! Still the best and most intelligent readers ever. :-) Thank you for reading and for sending me jokes, photos, on the ground reports, comments, and questions. Thanks for telling your friends about my fabulously hilarious, witty, informative, accurate, and entertaining writings. The blog website currently has 82, 366 hits... that's 10, 016 hits since the start of this season in which I only had 28 updates (my quietest season so far)!! :-)

Last, but definitely not least (especially because they know where I live and work!)... I also thank my family and friends for keeping me supplied with wine, cheese and other such essentials of life and for their continued futile attempts to keep me sane. ;-) I really want to thank my husband, Ben Alpi, for coming up with a new caper to keep me out of mischief during this quiet season, so now... I am the Producer (!!) of his next short film, a science fiction called Hashtag! (starring Gigi Edgley of Farscape & Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge fame):
It's a Twilight-Zone type story about our cultural obsession with social media and celebrity. If you want to find out more about this, you can look it up on (just FYI, 4 days until the Kickstarter ends ;-)). So that's what I'll be doing to 'relax' in my 'spare' time during the off-season! 

I'll continue to tweet, like any good twit (@Jyovianstorm) - about weather, the oceans, XPRIZE, science and science fiction, and of course, my new Hollywood life! Please feel free to follow along!

Until next season... I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday and non-hurricane season filled with much joy and merriment and good TV. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year! ;-)  

Toodle Pip!

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