Thursday, September 03, 2009

TD Erika: September 3 Update A

Poor Erika took a bit of a beating as she crossed the leeward islands and
has lost a lot of the big convective activity. She's well and truly in the
Caribbean now, with her center of circulation continuing to remain west of
the convection. A plane located it at 16.6N, 64.7W earlier today and the
latest NHC advisory has it at 16.7N, 65.3W, moving west at about 12mph,
with a central pressure of 1007 mb. She's been downgraded to a Tropical
Depression with winds of 35mph.

Although she's over water temps of 29-30 deg C, wind shear is strong. I
got a message from TJ in St. Thomas this afternoon. They were wondering
where the storm had gone as all they had at that point was a cloudy sky.
She's south of the VIs at the moment, and the convection is east of
that... so still to come if there's anything left. As I said, the
convection decreased in intensity and size thanks to the leeward islands,
so the VIs may get off lightly. The winds are mostly on her east, but all
warnings have been discontinued.

Worth keeping an eye on her, but with wind shear I'm not sure she'll be
anything big. Another fine example of those innocent looking islands
taking the steam out of a storm (puns always intended). As with life, it's
the little things you have to watch out for. ;)

I'll send out another update tomorrow. Have a super evening!
Night night,

Disclaimer: See yesterdays. :)

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