Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tropical Storm Arlene: June 30, Update A

Tropical Storm Arlene behaved as expected and made landfall in early hours of this morning (4AM CDT) near Cabo Rojo, Mexico (21.5N, 97.3W). Winds were 65mph, central pressure 996mb. Here's a visible satellite image of her at landfall:

She's moving westward at 9mph, onto land and wind speeds will begin to decrease. She produced a lot of rain, and although windy, she did not quite reach hurricane strength. It'll take a day at least for the rain to diminish from this system and she still has some nice circulation in the lower troposphere.

This is my last entry on TS Arlene.

I'm keeping an eye on a small Atlantic blob that's just outside the Caribbean at around 12N, 55W. I'll be back if something happens with that one.

Have fun!

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