Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hurricane Cristobel: August 28, Update A

I've arrived on this other planet called 'DragonCon', along with the Klingons, Wolverines, Daleks, Harry Potters and Hermiones, a gaggle of Superheroes, and a collective of other beings. So entertaining. Of course I'm Storm... who else would I be? ;-)

I see Cristobel is still officially a Hurricane with winds of 80mph, central pressure 973mb. I'd agree with this wind speed as he was trying to develop a little eye a few hours ago (not very clear though), so that would be around 90mph:

However his convection is relatively weak for such a storm, with very few strong thunderstorms and it looks like it is falling apart a bit. This is because his top is really part of that front that we've seen all week:

He's trying to be helpful and avoid most landmasses except one... (bwaa haa haa) 

Bardarbunga watch out! I see the B-movie title already... Hurricano! ;-) (copyright: Me!)

He is currently at 38.5N, 61.5W heading ENE at 36mph.  That superfast forward speed is another sure sign that he is caught up in a front, which is carrying him to the northeast.

I may not be on here tomorrow unless the other little 'disturbances' do something silly, but I don't think much is going on with Cristobel.

If you are at DragonCon, just a reminder that I'll be giving a talk on the wonderful stuff that goes on at XPRIZE at 5.30pm tomorrow, and right after that I'll be on a disasterlicious panel at 7pm on "A Practical Guide to the End of the World!" (panel will also contain a geohazards expert - earthquakes, volcanoes and the likes; a nuclear astrophysicist - solar flares, meteors etc; a biologist - sharks, dinosaurs etc; and an infectious diseases physician - plagues, ebola etc.- I think between us we have it pretty much covered! :-)).

Toodle pip until Saturday!

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