Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Former Tropical Storm Hanna: October 27, Update A

Dinky little Tropical Storm Hanna-Barbera was out there today, singing Yabba-dabba-do! If you blinked at all in the last 12 hours (which, chances are, you probably did), you may have missed her. She 'formed', made landfall in the Nicaragua/Honduras region, and dissipated all in about 12 hours - a busy day for anyone!

Her winds were a mere 40mph. Tropical Storm winds begin at 39mph. Hmm. There was also very little (almost none) circulation in the mid-troposphere:

All-in-all, it seems a bit unlikely to me that she was a fully fledged Flintstone... I think she falls more into the category of one of those fake Jetsons.

So that was Hanna. Another name down and just over one month until the official end to the season.

A quick recap on the end of Hurricane Gonzalo: he did cause a bit of havoc on Bermuda but from what I hear, things are recovering. Just getting around to wrapping that one up... it's been a busy time over this way (you know what it's like leading a Hollywood lifestyle and all that ;-)).

Actually, I did want to end this entry with a farewell to my 18.5 year old kitty cat who has spent many hours keeping me company as I wrote this blog (ok, he was usually asleep but that's pretty much the effect I have on all company anyway ;-)). It was a sad week and we'll miss the little fella. So to all of you with four legged friends, give them a pat on the head from moi! Thanks little Tig!

More when the next one rolls around! The next name on the old list is Isaias.


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Linda said...

Being a cat lover and owner, this touches my heart. I hope you have found another cat to love, and I know it is hard to lose a cat, I have lost a few in my lifetime. You have a fascinating blog.