Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Post-Tropical Storm Colin: 7 June, Update A

Things are looking good today as Florida and parts of the eastern US dry out after getting a few tonnes of water dropped on them ... 
(thanks to Emily S. and Fred G. for sharing this one)

And it's the last day of the big wet sop formerly known as Tropical Storm Colin. :-) 

His last official location was 36.5N, 72.2W, heading NE at 40mph (!!! - most definitely too fast for a tropical storm of any description). Winds were 60mph, central pressure was 996mb. He did change from being a Tropical Storm to what the trendy kids call Post-Tropical these days, but essentially he got swept up in a low pressure front. Here's the latest infrared satellite imagery:

Pretty unimpressive (unless you are in diving in the Atlantic...).  The NHC have stopped their updates, and so too shall I. :-) 

The next named storm will be Danielle, followed by Earl (Gray Tea). 

Normally I would stop right now and go and have a glass of celebratory wine. But I wanted to say a word about storm reporting ... 

<Minor Rant Alert!> Luckily for the interwebs it's been a while since I've had a little rant-o-roo!! I was sent an article which talked about how Florida was bracing for record-breaking Tropical Storm Colin. Gasp! Surely not record-breaking Tropical Storm Colin?? How scary! And why is he record-breaking I wonder? Is it the super-high winds? Is it the expected deluge of rain or gigantic storm surge? No. It is because he is the earliest third-named storm ever! Really? Earliest third-named storm ever? I'm sure Floridians were quivering in their wellie boots at having to face the terror of the earliest third-named storm ever! Sigh. <shaking my head> <End Minor Rant!>  

That's it for today. Now I will go and have a lovely glass of wine. :-)


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Rocks In Her Head said...

"Tropical Storm Colin is the earliest 3rd Tropical Storm EVER and It's Amazing!!!" (you need that as click bait for your post.)