Monday, May 28, 2018

Subtropical Storm Alberto: May 28, Update A

Just a quick update for today as it's officially a day off (for some). 

Alberto is currently making landfall in the Laguna Beach/Panama City area of the Florida Panhandle. He is at 30.3N, 85.9W heading N at 9mph. He remained a relatively weak Storm with winds now at 45mph (TS range: 39-73mph) and central pressure of 994mb. 

The NHC are still having troubles with their satellite webpage with some links not working. NESDIS finally got their technical issue resolved yesterday evening, after being down for over a day as the storm went along the west Florida coast. However, they are back up and here's the latest colour imagery: 

The convection (rain) is really not too strong, with the heaviest rainfall to the north and some still coming in over Cuba and Florida. Overall, Alberto has been a well-behaved storm bringing mostly rain. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, these storms are part of the annual cycle of rainfall in this part of the world and without them we would have to contend with drought conditions. 

Now Alberto has made landfall, he's projected to head north towards Michigan (where he might stop in and have a glass of wine with my in-laws), bringing a bit of a breeze and a few drops of rain along the way: 

And that is my last update on Alberto. :-) A bit of an early wake-up but he was a handy little storm because he showed us that there are clearly a lot more glitches and problems on the communication of data compared to previous years on many of the official websites. I really hope they can resolve some of these for the next one!

Speaking of the next one... the next name is Beryl followed by Chris. I think that should be enough for this season, don't you? ;-)

I'll be back on June 1 with the Official Start to the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season, including a note about the new Natural Disaster Prediction XPRIZE planning currently underway (that you can all participate in). See you in er... four days (and hopefully not before)! :-)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day in the US (and Bank Holiday in the UK)! 
Ciao for now,

DISCLAIMER: These remarks are just what I think/see regarding tropical storms - not the opinion of any organization I represent. If you are making an evacuation decision, please heed your local emergency management and the National Hurricane Center's official forecast and the National Weather Service announcements. This is not an official forecast. If I "run away, run away" (Monty Python), I'll let you know. 

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