Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tropical Low Humberto and the Yucatan Blob: September 19, Update A

Ahoy me hearties, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day today (I missed National Cheeseburger Day ayeterday – I did celebrate by eatin’ pizza. 'Tis the thing to do, right? Give cheeseburgers a day off?).

Thin’s be quieter today in t’ tropics so this be a short update, which be good because do you know how difficult it be t' talk like a Pirate? (I would say write like a Pirate, but I’m not sure Pirates can write… ;-)).

No need to pluck a crow today. Tropical Storm Humberto imbibed the old grog, was three sheets to the wind, and has now dissipated. He was last seen on the high seas at around 33.6N, 42W, moving east towards the Barbary Coast at 9mph, with winds of 35mph, central pressure 1006mb. This be the last time I mention this old Privateer!

The Yucatan Blob, peg-leg that he was, tried the high seas of the Bay of Campeche, but was afeared of Davy Jones Locker. There be some low-level circulation at 21N, 95.3W, and he be moving WNW at 5-10mph, but the circulation aloft be lily-livered at best and the convection be mostly akin to landlocked lubbers:
Things in Mexico are not looking good with more rain!

Time for a bottle of rum in my crow’s nest. I be back tomorrow!
 (yeah, I have no idea what I wrote either!... except for that bottle of rum bit at the end... ;-))
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