Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tropical Storm Gabrielle: September 10, Update A

Just a quick update for the newly re-formed TS Gabrielle, who apparently found some lip-gloss overnight and is now planning to party in Bermuda tonight. She is pretty weak as far as winds go, but I do agree with the TS upgrade because the circulation is now looking good for the lower half of the troposphere (nothing in the upper troposphere so not a hurricane).

Although sea surface temperatures are warm (27 deg C), only the upper ~20m are warmer than 26.5C (so it’s pretty shallow warm water) and it looks like she is being impacted by wind shear. Her center is definitely southwest of the convection, and her clouds are skewed in a southwest/northeast direction as you can see in this visible satellite:

Just in (noon, EST) from Steven B. on Bermuda: “It’s breezy and overcast but very little rain yet.” It won’t be a big wind event on Bermuda, mostly rainy. Time to brush out the cobwebs from your wellie boots!

More later (on Gabrielle and Humberto).
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