Friday, August 19, 2016

Tropical Storm Fiona: August 18, Update A

I'm doing a survey (for my own nefarious purposes of course ;-))... which movies are the first to pop into your head when you think of Space themed and Ocean themed movies? Let me know! 

Oh yes, and we're here to discuss Fiona! She's a well-behaved bonny lass (as are all the Fiona's I've ever met :-)).

She is currently at 17.1N, 41.8W, heading NW at 8mph. Wind speed is officially 45mph and her central pressure is 1006mb. She is still a weak Tropical Storm (TS range: 39-73mph) and I don't think she will get much stronger for a few days because she is running into some wind shear. In this, I agree with the NHC. 

She is already weaker than she was yesterday. The circulation (vorticity) in the middle of the troposphere has decreased and so has the convection:

It looks like she may avoid Bermuda after all, although that partly depends on if she does re-strengthen in a few days or remains weak. 

And that's it for today. :-)
Ciao for now!

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Alex Silverman said...

Space - 2001: a space odyssey
Ocean - Devil Fish (although it had multiple name)