Sunday, August 21, 2011

TS Irene: August 21, Update B

Quick update: Irene is a bit north of the NHC track (right on the northern edge of the cone), and her center is passing directly over the Virgin Islands (pretty much directly over The Virgin Island in fact) en route to Puerto Rico – so she is essentially passing over all the islands. Convection is still not too strong overall, with the worst of it being north of the center. From updates Tom in St. Thomas:

1.13pm: Just got back online as the power had been out when a brisk frontal band swept in from the east...the large orange blob is now on top of us and bringing windy rain squalls not continuous yet…the trees are dancing to brisk gusts, maybe 25mph or so. waiting for the worst of the weather. am surprised that the power is on and holding. no flooding as of yet...1:11pm

2.33pm: winds have picked up to well beyond kite flying stage. strong and heavy gusts, almost steady 30mph with higher gusts. moderate rain but nothing flooding so far. electrical power holding at 2:32

3:09pm:from the sattel. pics I am viewing I would say we are closer to the center of Irene than NHC thinks.

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Lobo said...

Hey boss,
Nearing 7. Sun over yardarm, even in St. Pete. I suspect the wine essences are calling.
Pretty please, send this and any other hurricanes to more deserving places where the noble vessel Arcturus does not reside. My spousal unit promises a bottle of bribe, err, wine next time I'm in St. Pete if you exercise your super powers to modify divergent flow as necessary.
Steve (yeah, that one).