Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hurricane Philippe: October 6, Update A

I go away for a couple of days and oh how the world changes! Speaking of world changing…

Steve Jobs died yesterday, but he certainly made the most of his life and what a truly amazing legacy he left! Thank you for my iPhone, Marvin. (You ask, why Marvin? Heehee… brain the size of a planet, and I mostly use it as a simple communication device. ;-) Of course, after Marvin the depressed robot from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – another work of genius. One day I’ll figure out how to get apps….)

Now, Hurricane(!) Philippe. Just after my last entry, as expected, his center was officially ‘re-located’ to the south (probably because it didn’t like the neighbours). Rewinding a couple of days, he carried on westwardish for a while, and then did, indeed, make a nice sharpish turn to the NW, then North and is now heading NE at 13mph. The reason he took this track is because of the front that brought that wonderful, delightful, perfect cooler weather to much of the eastern US last weekend. It carried on moving east, across the Atlantic. I grabbed a water vapor satellite image a couple of days ago to show you:

The front is that line of clouds that extends from northeast to southwest in the Atlantic, and Philippe is at around 23-25N, 60W. He was being guided by that line of clouds. And here is a Water Vapor image from today.

You can see that he has sort of started to merge with that cold front.

His center is at around 29N, 58.4W, with winds of 85mph and a central pressure of 980mb. This means he is a mid-size cat 1 storm (range: 74-95mph). He was officially upgraded to a weak cat 1 hurricane this morning. I don’t think he will remain a hurricane for too long because the wind shear is getting stronger.

And finally for today… Here’s to the Crazy Ones (narrated by Steve Jobs):


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