Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tropical Depression Beryl: May 29, Update A

At the moment Tropical Depression Beryl  is still over Georgia (just about), centered at 32.2N, 81.3W, moving ENE at 10mph. The estimated central pressure is 1004mb, with a sustained wind of 30mph. Most of the area of the storm has winds in the 12-15mph range, but there are some observations off-shore and also in North Carolina with winds in the 23-30mph range. She still has small pockets of rain, but really not much at all. There is dry air in the system, and neither the satellite imagery nor the radar show “heavy rain” anymore. She still has some circulation in the very lowest levels of the troposphere, but that is weaker now than it was this morning. The NHC center of cone shows that she will leave the US coast from South Carolina tomorrow (Weds) morning and become a Tropical Storm by tomorrow afternoon. I suppose this is possible because she will be close to the Gulf Stream again, but it depends on how fast she is moving and I think she will still be quite weak.

As there is not too much more to say about Beryl for now, I think I will have a little rant (laced with large dollops of sarcasm). <begin mild rant> I would like to know who decided to make the fabulous <ahem> improvements <ahem> to the satellite imagery/NHC website in the off-season?!? In the past, the satellite imagery page was great (ok, maybe not great, but definitely functional) because it had the larger satellite GOES-East images (which shows the same fixed part of the planet e.g. North Atlantic) as well as the more focused GOES Floater Imagery (which would show a close up of a storm if there was one out there). Now, it takes about 3 or 4 more clicks of buttons to get to the same close-up images because “they” have moved the GOES Floater Imagery to a ‘new’ page (NOAA’s Satellite and Information Service page). This new page is terrible for a number of reasons. I won’t even bother going into most of them right now, but at the moment my main complaint is that they removed anything to do with Beryl yesterday which means that we can no longer see a close up of the storm! You aren’t missing much because she’s not really much to look at, but I’m a weather junky and I like watching washing machines spin … I WANT to see what she’s doing and I can’t! In ye olde golden days of yore (e.g. last year) they would keep the floater imagery up until the NHC said they were done with a system. So either this means that one part of NOAA (the satellite folks) don’t agree with another part of NOAA (the NHC) because they have ‘No Storms’ on their website compared to the NHC’s ‘Tropical Depression’, or the Satellite and ‘Information Service’ page are not doing too well on this whole ‘Information Service’ concept! <end mild rant>

And on that note…  time to say tally ho for today!

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