Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Interview with Moi

Don’t Panic! (Douglas Adams). There’s nothing much going on weather-wise in the Atlantic tropics (she says as the thunder booms overhead in not-so-sunny-St. Pete). Fairly weak Tropical Storm Khanun (55mph) is about to visit a friend of mine in South Korea. In the eastern Pacific, the former Hurricane Fabio is now barely a Tropical Depression (35mph), but there is another Pacific blobette that’s trying to get her act together.

But enough of that weather stuff. I’m here to tell you that I have been found out! All these years of wonderful (?) wit(!) and wisdom(!) (with a cup of ranting and a slice of forecasting) is bringing me fame. Oh dear. So much for writing incognito… I mean honestly, I thought a blog called ‘Jyotika’s Tropical Storms Blog’ would be a good cover. I guess that plan didn’t work out very well. I have been invited to give an interview about ME! In public! On a stage! (eeek!) So much for secret identities! (I might need to use a few more !! between now and then!)!

This event is free so anyone in the St. Petersburg area can come and have a laugh (I can guarantee you at least one… probably as I trip up walking to the seat).  I never could get the hang of Thursdays (Douglas Adams), so of course it will be next Thursday evening (July 26th), at the Dali museum in downtown St. Petersburg. Here is the flyer:
If you want to attend, please call the number on the flyer to rsvp (if you haven’t already). I understand that they let the people who call enter first and then anyone else who turns up (there’s the main theater and an overflow room).

That’s it from me for now.
Toodle pip,

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DISCLAIMER: I’ve never done anything like this before! Luckily the Dali Museum rooms have high ceilings so there should be enough space for everyone and my big head. ;-)


diverdutch said...

So, we need an update on how your 15 minutes of fame treated you...inquiring minds want to know!?!?

Donna said...

Absolutely delightful evening. You're even more charming in person (albeit 100' away onstage) than in your blog. Thank you so much for giving that marvelous talk. I learned a *lot*!

Jyotika said...

Thank you for being there Donna! I'm glad you had a good evening. :-)

From what I hear, it went well DiverDutch! I had a fun evening and the interviewer was excellent - she made me look good. :-)