Saturday, June 08, 2013

Post-Tropical Storm Andrea: June 8, Update A

Looks like classic movie-night on TV tonight. Close Encounters of the Third Kind or The Exorcist… hmm… which one to watch?

Hurray! This is the last entry on ‘Post-Tropical’ Storm Andrea. Officially her last known sighting was at 43.6N, 68.8W, heading NE at 39mph. The pressure was 1000mb, and no-one bothered to change the winds so the last NHC advisory had 45mph winds. I’ve written enough about her this week so I’ll stop now and let you enjoy your weekend too. J

Happy World Oceans Day everyone! No matter the weather, it is always out there… (photos taken by moi J).

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Anonymous said...

That shot with the rocky shore and the fog coming down is really nice!