Friday, October 09, 2015

The Former Hurricane Joaquin: October 8, Update A

Time for a final update on the-storm-formerly-known-as-Hurricane-Joaquin. 

He's decided that the UK isn't worth visiting at this time of year after all... the weather is too bad. ;-) Instead, apparently he's heading back home for a bit of Spanish sunshine (where else would Joaquin be from? :-))...

Actually, he is pretty weak and barely has any circulation, and probably won't be much by the time he gets across the Atlantic. From the satellite images, it looks like it may be cloudy and slightly rainy all the way from southern England to Portugal over the next day or so.

And that's about it on Joaquin. Time for a break now methinks. Should there be another storm this season, the next name is Kate.

Ciao for now!

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alien_jawbone said...

Thank you for following Joaquin to somewhere else that is NOT the US. I have always been very interested how these ex-tropical storms are able to create destructive weather for the UK & Europe.

The US is not the center nor the most important place on this planet. We both laugh when we see weather reports that do not illustrate Canada or Mexico, as if they do not exist.

~ teresa