Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tropical Storm Gert and the Caribbean Blob: August 16, Update A

A note with my morning cuppa tea. J

TS Gert officially has winds of 45mph, central pressure of 1005mb and is at around 36.4N, 59.6W heading NE at 22mph. I don’t think there’s really much left of this storm. The convection is practically non-existent and the vorticity (circulation) is decreasing. It looks like the NHC are forecasting to downgrade her tomorrow, but I don’t think there’s anything that indicates she’s that strong so this is my last entry on Gert.

The Caribbean Blob is still one I’m watching. The NHC currently have this at a 20% chance of developing into a TS in the next 48 hours. This is possible, but at the moment I wouldn’t be totally surprised if we have a TS within 48 hours. The vorticity is actually a little stronger in this one than in Gert, all it needs is a new outfit and a few clouds with rain and it’s good to go. We’ll see how quickly it picks those up – it has already changed in appearance over the last few hours with those thundery clouds developing just north of its center of circulation. It is moving westward at somewhere around 15-20 mph. What is really remarkable is that despite the low convection, you can already see a clear outer band in the satellite IR image. It stretches from South America all the way north past the Dominican Republic. Very pretty.

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