Thursday, August 04, 2011

TS Emily: August 4, Update A

Well the good news is that the mountains of Hispaniola combined with the wind shear were a bit much for TS Emily, and the NHC has downgraded her to a Tropical Depression as of the 5pm EST advisory. That was their last advisory on this system.  They placed her final center at 19N, 75W, winds at 35mph, central pressure at 1009mb and she was zipping NW at 16mph. As I said yesterday, the speed would indicate if that low pressure broke through the high pressure to her north, which it appears it finally did.

The other good news is that although Haiti got some rain, most of it was over on the Dominican Republic side of Hispaniola. Here is an IR satellite image of Emily now. Mostly just cloudy with pockets of rain here and there.

The only slightly niggling thing in my head is that although the convection took a hit, her circulation seemed to have improved a bit higher up in the troposphere during the day today. And it looks like it is just south of Hispaniola, not at the lat/long of the final center location (which is between Cuba and Haiti). But for now, this will be my last update on Emily (unless she decides to come out and play again).

I hear there was some bad news on the stock market today. Ernie from Florida wins for making the best tropical storm-link-to-unrelated-news-item for today with: “Seen the market? Falling faster than a barometer before a Cat 5!”

However, the other bad news is that NOAA issued their mid-season update and have increased the number of named storms from 14 to 19. I think this is particularly bad news for all of you because it means you’ll be hearing from me quite a lot if that’s the case…bwaa haa haa (evil laughter, and fade off stage left).

I shall celebrate the end of storm number 5 in the usual manner. Glass of wine anyone?

I’ll be back when the next one pops up.
Toodle pip!

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Jones_Jack_Joe said...

Sure. I love Old Vine Zin

Jyo said...

I agree, that is yum! We'll just call it an 'Emily intermission' glass... which means we can all have one after she's gone too. ;-)