Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tropical Storm Otto and the Caribbean Blobette: October 10, Update A

Hee hee... it's 10/10/10 today. Finally, a date for which I don't need to pause and think which country I'm writing in (US: month/day, UK: day/month). Of course it would be on a Sunday so I don't have to write the date anywhere official anyway. Typical. ;-)
Tropical Storm Otto:
He's now officially extratropical (or post-tropical - yuk, I really don't like this new-fangled terminology. Did I mention that this season already? ;-)). He's moving NE at 43mph! with winds of 65mph and a central pressure of 987mb. His current location is around 39N, 36W. There's a lot of vorticity, but no convection to speak of. It's a blustery day in the Atlantic! He'll pass north of the Azores soon and then turn right and head southeastward. The NHC issued their last advisory on this earlier today, and this will be my last update on this system.
Caribbean Blobette:
This blobette still has pretty good vorticity in the lowest half of the troposphere, but it's still a bit too elongated to really make her a Tropical Storm. I'd still consider her a Tropical Depression though. The center looks like it is around 14.1N, 82.1W, really close to Nicaragua now. There's some convection, but nothing like we've seen in Tropical Storms this year. It's unlikely to become a Tropical Storm unless the center misses land and carries on towards the Yucatan. If it develops, I'll send another update.
Signing off at 10:10pm my time! (ok that wasn't a lucky coincidence... I waited 2 minutes before hitting 'send' just so I could write that:-))
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