Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tropical Depression Debby: June 27, Update A

Debby has been crossing the Gulf Stream today, which means she’s had some lovely warm water underneath. Although her circulation improved a little, it looks like the other factors I mentioned yesterday took their toll (dry air and all that jazz – see yesterday’s entry if you really want to know). The NHC issued their last advisory on Debby at 5pm, when she was at 29.5N, 78.3W moving eastward at 13mph. At that time they said she was ‘post-tropical’ <cough> extratropical <cough>, as indicated by the vorticity (circulation) which was like a low pressure front rather than a circular tropical storm. Her convection never really picked up, as you can see in the latest IR satellite image:

They have her spinning off into the northeast in the Atlantic as a weak storm over the next few days.

This is my last update, so I’m Done with Debby! (no not you, my friend, Debbie ;-)).

I know there’s a teensy weensy yellow polka-dot blob out there in the Atlantic.  It’s somewhere around 11N and 40W. It has a little convection and a little circulation, but nothing much to talk about yet. I’ll keep an eye on it but I’m hoping for a nice couple of days off as I have some work and partying to get done. ;-) The next storm would be Ernesto.

Ciao for now kids!

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