Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sandy, the final entry: November 1, Update A

My last word on Sandy: good luck in the clean-up and recovery process. Thanks to all those who worked through this and every other storm such as the emergency workers, and those work on after the storms have gone by, such as the utility companies. I hear that a Florida power company van was seen in New Jersey today. You are all very much appreciated!

Today marks the start of the last month of the 2012 hurricane season. I hope someone has told Mother Nature this! Remember back in 2005, when the ‘end of the season’ memo got lost? No? Well Edward in Florida reminded me of The Saga of Epsilon and Zeta: J (A spot check shows words directly taken from NHC advisories of the time!! – thanks to Karen for the heads up on that).

I’ll be back if we have ‘Valerie’ out there.  Until then, don’t forget to enjoy a nice cup of tea. J

Tally ho!

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