Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sandy, The Aftermath: October 31, Update A

Obviously a Full Moon week! Higher than usual tides on Monday night (actual full moon) when Sandy made landfall; Disney bought Star Wars (Tuesday); and Zombies having drinks with Kermit and Miss Piggy, while bananas in tutus go running around looking for sweeties (Wednesday)! (Not quite a sentence I thought I’d ever write).   

Here are a couple of photos taken by M. Ricky, a supervisor on the subway system in NYC (sent via Jose in Florida – thank you both!):

The first is looking down on a station on the Sea Beach line, the second is the 86th station on the “N” Sea Beach line. It took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at in the first one. That  is just a small sample of the surreal images coming out of the eastern half of the US. Unfortunately the death toll from Sandy continues to rise. My condolences to those who lost loved ones from the Carribbean to Canada! L And to those who sustained damage, that is not good, but I am glad you are ok.

As the clean up from Sandy really gets into gear, on the other side of the world Tropical Cyclone Nilam made landfall earlier today, just south of Chennai in southern India. Although winds were only 65mph, making her a mid-to-strong Tropical Storm, she would have pushed water onshore in Chennai. Here was the scene from Staten Island yesterday (credit unknown):

and the one off Chennai today (credit BBC):

Tanker grounding galore!

I, too, have almost ground to a halt in talking about Sandy. She was not really a tropical system by the time she made landfall. There is an amazing cross-sectional image of the inside of Sandy, taken with a satellite called ‘Cloudsat’, on this website: The discussion under the image is rather good too, if you are interested in the scientific and techincal side of the storm.

As every seventh news item is about Star Wars or Disney (election, what election?), here is my nod to Halloween:

I have one more item to share… tomorrow.
Night night!

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