Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tropical Storm Joaquin: September 29, Update A

Another travel day, another quick blog written from LAX airport. :-) Did you catch the water on Mars news yesterday? How exciting. And in today's news, a big day at XPRIZE (see the end of the post for that). But first... 

Tropical Storm Joaquin was named yesterday and is currently at 26.6N, 70.6W, heading W at a very sedate 5 mph. His winds are officially 40mph, and central pressure is 1006mb,which makes him a really weak storm (TS range: 39-73mph). I think this is a bit of an underestimate and he slightly stronger - he has exceedingly good circulation in the lower half of the troposphere, with a small vorticity (circulation) signal in the upper troposphere (because he is interacting with a low pressure system up there). I'd place him at 50-60mph at least! He is a decent looking Tropical Storm, as you can see in the visible satellite imagery:

He also has quite a lot of convective activity as you can see in the infrared satellite image - I hope the Turks and Caicos folks had their wellies dusted! 

The major thing keeping him in check is wind shear, which is around 20-30 knots. It looks like he may move into a region of stronger wind shear, so I don't think he'll get much stronger (at the moment anyway). I'll be back tomorrow. 

Meanwhile at XPRIZE: today (and tomorrow) is the launch of the Carbon XPRIZE! $20 million for a bright, innovative team who can turn CO2 into a valuable product... more details are here: carbon.xprize.org.

Ok, must run, but more from the east coast of the US! 

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