Thursday, August 04, 2016

Hurricane Earl: August 3, Update A

Time for a quick update on the life of Hurricane Earl (Grey Tea). The NHC upgraded him to a Hurricane earlier today and he is now a mid-size cat 1 storm with winds officially at 80 mph (cat 1 range: 74-95mph), central pressure 979 mb. He is making landfall in Belize - you can see the eye as it starts to cross onto land in this radar imagery from Belize:

Although he is interacting with land, he is still a robust storm because the vorticity (circulation) is strong throughout the troposphere. I think he may actually be stronger than a mid-size cat 1 storm - possibly a borderline cat 1/cat 2 storm. There is also quite a bit of convection, including some very thundery weather and possible tornadoes in the center of the storm/grey area in the infrared satellite imagery:

He is officially moving W at 14 mph, and the current track takes him into the Bay of Campeche on Friday as a mere Tropical Depression, which is reasonable if he is a cat 1 and takes over a day to cross land: 

If he is actually a little stronger, then there is a chance he will still be a weak Tropical Storm as he gets to the Bay of Campeche. In either case, there will be a lot of rain. 

Stay safe Belize! That's it from moi for today. More tomorrow of course.

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