Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pacific Special Edition 1: Hurricane Madeline: August 31, Update A

I don't normally venture into the Pacific (unless I tweet about it), but I now have a handful of requests for information on the two hurricanes heading for Hawaii. So, from LAX, here's the first of a few short updates today. 

Hurricane Madeline
Madeline is officially currently a mid-size cat 1 storm with winds of 80mph, central pressure 988mb. I don't think she is actually this strong. There is hardly any circulation in the upper troposphere, which means she is really now a strong Tropical Storm - I would estimate her winds around 70 mph actually. 

She isn't very well organized, but does have some convection and it is quite widely spread out, so all the island will feel some of her impacts - rain and cloud with your mai tai?

As soon as she starts to interact with the Big Island, she should start to deteriorate further. She is heading into an area of high wind shear as she gets closer to the islands, and you can see this in the satellite image above as the clouds are streams off to the northeast. This shear will increase, so she should weaken even further. 

Ok... gotta board. Will check in on Hurricane Lester (Pacific), Hurricane Gaston and our two TDs later. 

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