Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tropical Storm Gaston and the Atlantic Blobette: August 23, Update A

Ice cream. Oh joy. :-) 

Tropical Storm Gaston
As expected, Gaston is now officially a mid-t0-strong Tropical Storm with winds of 65mph (central pressure estimated to be 1002mb). His vorticity (circulation) has continued to strengthen today throughout the troposphere and actually, I think he is already a weak cat 1 hurricane (cat 1 range: 74-95mph). You can even see some nice structure in the satellite images: 

The convection is pretty good, although he is still slightly inhibited by the Saharan Air Layer. The NHC will most likely upgrade him to a hurricane tomorrow. 

He is currently at 14.7N, 37.1W, heading WNW at 17mph. Uh-oh! It looks like in the last couple of days NOAA has removed the websites that had the pressure maps that I consulted (it now says 'This service is no longer available'). I will have to find another source! What a pickle!! And after over 15 years of using that website!! For now, this means that I will not be able to asses the track (although I have to say, the NHC are really very good at the track at 1-2 days out now).  For today, the official track takes Gaston east of Bermuda. The track has been relatively consistent after 5 days, so I will assume that the NHC are on the ball with that.  

Atlantic Blobette
I think this Blobette should already be named (TS Hermine) because her vorticity (circulation) is quite strong in the lower half of the troposphere. But for now, she remains officially a Blobette at around 17N, 67W, heading WNW at 15-20mph.  Regardless of what she is (ahem, Tropical Storm, ahem), those Islands in the Caribbean are getting a toot of rain:

The convection is certainly not well formed, but it is quite strong with the red areas representing areas of strong thunderstorms. 

Oh, and before I wrap up there is one more thing. Whoever has that Zika virus in St. Peters-'bug' (Florida) better stop it right now and put it back where you got it. The CDC is not very happy with you. There, I think that's about it for today.  Time for a bit more ice cream I think. :-) 


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