Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurricane Nicole: October 12, Update A

Ooof. That sums today up. 

Hurricane Nicole is currently at 30.6N, 66.2W, moving NNE at 12mph, directly towards Bermuda:
The eye is pretty solid, so I would agree with the NHC that this is a category 4 storm. They say that the winds are 130mph, central pressure is 950mb. This is officially barely a cat 4 storm (cat 4 range: 129-155mph), but I think that she may be a little stronger, maybe 135-140mph. Her structure is obviously very good! 

By the way, if you are looking for Bermuda... it is that little pink spot NNE of the eye. The wind shear is now beginning to kick in - we can see this because the clouds are streaming off to the north and east by the end of the movie loop compared to earlier. However, it probably won't be fast enough for Bermuda - it looks like they will have at least a cat 2 storm, but more likely a major cat 3 or weak cat 4. 

The eye is also on the Bermuda radar now... 
You can watch the radar loop here:, click on one of the two 'animation' links - the image above is the 250km animation loop. You can also see the wind speed at this weather station on the left side of the page - winds are currently almost at Tropical Storm force at 38mph (Tropical Storm range: 39-73mph), with gusts of 58mph. 

Good luck Bermuda! 
Stay Safe!

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