Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tropical Storm Nicole: October 10, Update A

Super quick update on Tropical Storm Nicole, who is still a Tropical Storm.

She is officially at 26.8N, 65.5W and has picked up speed (as in forward motion, not the street drug!! ;-)) and is moving northward at gentle 6mph now. Her general forecast track strategy is to aim for Bermuda...
... haven't I already told you guys to turn off that Hurricane-magnet device?

We are looking at her passing over Bermuda overnight on Wednesday (her track forecast sped up since yesterday) - 2 days away and the current intensity forecast is that she will be a hurricane. At the moment her winds are slight weaker than 24 hours ago, at 60mph, and her central pressure is 992mb. This makes her a mid-sized Tropical Storm (range: 39-73mph). 

Her vorticity (circulation) is still good in the lower half of the troposphere, but the upper tropospheric circulation is still connected to a front and is not that circular pattern we expect from a tropical system. Here is the vorticity at 200mb for Nicole now, and below that is the vorticity at 200mb for Matthew from a few days ago as an example of what a hurricane should look like that high up... 

See the nice confined circular-ish pattern that is Matthew, the Hurricane? 

The satellite imagery shows that she is still struggling with wind shear, with most of the convection still streaming out over a large area to the south and east of her center of circulation:
(She's the yellow/blue blobette in more-or-less the middle of the image above).

It does look like wind shear is diminishing, so that should change soon, although she still has that dry air I mentioned yesterday to her north to deal with:
We'll know in a few hours whether the dry air is a larger player than the wind shear - if her convection doesn't close around her center of circulation, then the dry air wins... if it does, then the wind shear was a bigger factor. 

Must run but more tomorrow. Get ready with the dark'n'stormies (yum yum) Bermuda!

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