Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hurricane Gert and the Atlantic Stormlings: August 15, Update A

Sorry my peeps! I was busy – work, travel, work, following current events and drinking wine, work, drinking wine, work, eating ice cream. You know, the usual things. J I think the rest of this year may be a season of relatively short updates, but we’ll see how things go.

In the meantime, Hurricane Gert is out there in the Atlantic and has been for a few days. She currently has winds of 85mph, central pressure of 979mb. She’s at 34.8N, 70.3W, heading NE at a good 15mph. She is a pretty good looking little storm:

It looks like she is weakening a little at the moment as the really strong convection (the red area in the satellite image above) is getting smaller. This may be a temporary cycle – slightly too soon to say at the moment. She is definitely a hurricane because there is a vorticity (circulation) signal throughout the troposphere – even at the 200mb level as you can see here:

And until that goes away, she will remain a hurricane.

She has been a reasonably well-behaved storm so far, doing her very best to avoid as many landmasses as possible. I guess she figured that there wasn’t any point hitting anything over the last few days as there isn’t much space in the news these days for natural storms when man-made storms are brewing fast and furious – here in the US at any rate.

I will try and be back tomorrow. I see there are three little StormlingsTM (ooh, I just created a new category ;-)... it's the technical term for the yellow ‘x’s’ that the NHC have on their map, which means a chance of a storm developing is less than 30%) out there:

I think two of these may actually be close to being Tropical Storms because the lower half of the troposphere has a good vorticity (circulation) signal, which you can see in this 500mb (middle troposphere) circulation map:

The only reason they aren’t quite there yet is because the convection in both cases is a little on the weak side of wobbly:

The next three named storms are: Harvey, Irma, and Jose.

Until tomorrow,

p.s. It's the 70th Anniversary of the Partition... there are some amazing stories of what people went through then (including my Dad's, which I have read and hope to one day be able to share), so if you have a chance and find some, check them out! 

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