Friday, September 07, 2018

TS Florence, the Atlantic Blobette, and the Atlantic Blob: September 6, Update A

I see that there was a sale on red crayons today and someone went a bit wild... 

It looks like we're in for a busy September. So, for your sanity and for the benefit of my lychee martini, I'll keep today's update pleasantly short.

That wind shear took a swipe at Florence and she's now a strong Tropical Storm again, with winds of 70mph (TS range: 39-73mph), central pressure 993mb. She's at 25.1N, 49.8W, heading WNW at 7mph. I'd agree she's a TS again - there isn't any circulation in the upper troposphere.  Although the track looks like it'll take her around Bermuda. Although it looks like she's heading to the US East Coast, it is far far too soon to say, and the chances are higher that she will recurve and stay away! 

Following Florence is the Atlantic Blobette... the future TS Helene. And now behind her, is an brand new Atlantic Blob... possibly the future TS Isaac. 

And that's it for today folks! Told you it would be short but don't worry, there'll be plenty more gobbledegook from me soon enough. ;-) 


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