Saturday, July 11, 2020

TS Fay: July 10, Update A

Our pal, Fay, made landfall just north of Atlantic City, New Jersey at around 5pm local time today with winds of around 50mph, so as a weak TS (TS range: 39-73mph). 

She's currently at 41N, 74.2W visiting northern New Jersey, and heading N at 17mph into New York. Winds are now 40mph, which means she is barely a Tropical Storm now. She was mostly a rain even with buckets of water (which caused some flooding of course).  I heard from Jose T. in N. Carolina who said they got some rain and a spot of thundery weather earlier. It looks like she's pretty much fizzled out now though, as we can see from the satellite imagery.

The infrared image shows very little rainfall left in this system. It's mostly just cloudy.

Of course, this Fay wasn't quite as full of water as TS Fay from 12 years ago. That Fay (as Mitch R. reminded me) dumped 18-23 ft of rain over Melbourne, FL where she stalled for about 2 days... ah, fun times.   

As far as storm surge, if we look at the tidesandcurrents.noaa website (see this post on TS Cristobal on how to look up storm surge), we see that levels were around 1 ft above normal. Here's the data from Montauk on the eastern tip of Long Island, which shows the surge there is now just under 1 ft:

But earlier today it was higher and in the Hudson River and at Sandy Hook, NJ, the surge was closer to 2ft above normal: 

This will be my last post on Fay. Just in time for the weekend. Well done everyone. 

The next name will be Gonzalo, but it looks quiet out there at the moment. Guess I'll go and have another glass of wine... ;-)

Be well! 

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