Thursday, July 03, 2008

[Jyo_hurricane] Tropical Storm Bertha: July 3 Update B

As expected, the 11am NHC advisory upgraded TD2 to TS Bertha. She has
winds of around 40 mph (TS: 39-74 mph), and they have a better handle on
her center of circulation they say, which is at 13.3N, 24.7W, located
190 miles south-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. She's still moving
in a WNW direction at about 14 mph and her minimum pressure is now 1006 mb.

And now for a bit of background science before the track discussion. For
those of you who have been with me for the start of previous seasons,
this is a refresher.

In the northern hemisphere, things move clockwise around a high pressure
system, and counter-clockwise around a low pressure system. These
storms are generally steered by the larger scale atmospheric pressure
fields. Over the Atlantic there is a large pressure system called the
Bermuda/Azores High and this is a factor in the general steering and
track of these storms. Imagine a clock-face over the Atlantic. The storm
is currently moving from the 6 to 7 on the face, which is the W-NW
track. It will then shift to a NW track (7-8 numbers on the face), then
N-NW (8-9) and so on as it curves out and away from the N. American

At the moment, this high pressure is confined to the eastern Atlantic.
So, I agree with the computer models and the NHC that given the current
large scale atmospheric pressure fields this storm will curve out in the
Atlantic in a few days.

If anything changes today, I'll send out another update otherwise you'll
hear from me tomorrow. Have a lovely day :)

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