Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Blobette: November 5 Update A

At this time, in the caducity of the hurricane season, there is another
blobette out there. It's in the Caribbean, off the coast of
Nicaragua/Honduras. There is some low-level rotation, but not much in
the middle or upper troposphere. There is also some convection. Surface
water temperatures there are currently ~28 deg C, so still warm enough
for some development. But it's just a blob at the moment, not even
officially a Tropical Depression (although I think it should be), so
we'll all just keep one eye on it. It's on the south-western edge of a
high pressure system, so there's a chance it will move over land in
central America, but there's also a chance that it will curve over water
and towards Cuba, allowing it to intensify some more. The next name on
the list (in case we need it) is Paloma. They'll send in a plane to
investigate later today if needed.

And yes, of course I've been biding my time for an opportunity to use
'caducity'. It's so obliging of Mother Nature to have a Blobette in
November. :)

More, but only if this develops.

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