Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tropical Depression Paloma: November 9 Update A

She rapidly deteriorated after landfall in Cuba because of wind shear plus
land interaction. By this morning there was no convection over Cuba, just
some tropical storm force winds. She pretty much stalled this afternoon
(and remains 'stuck'), fortunately whilst still over land and is now back
to being a depression (still over Cuba) at around 21.2 N, 78W. Winds are
near/less than 35 mph, central pressure 1004mb. By the time she emerges,
she won't amount to anything for the Bahamas.

I haven't heard of any injuries in Cuba, but they had coastal flooding,
power and communication loss of course. This was the fifth hurricane to
hit Cuba this year (I think). Having been in Florida in 2004, I can just
about imagine how fed-up and exhausted they must be!

Grand Cayman also got off very lightly apparently. The worst hit was
Cayman Brac with island-wide damage to buildings - some totally gone.

As she's a depression now I think this is my last entry on Paloma - unless
she picks up again, which doesn't look likely.

That's all for now folks.
Be good!

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